Hi, I would like to ask about the compatibility between OWLIM 5.3+ SE and upcoming Sesame 2.7 which is expected to be released within a week. I want to switch to the new version of Sesame as it contains many improvements and bugfixes. Is it safe to deploy 2.7 as there are some API changes + also its in sync with newer version of SPARQL spec(BINDINGS in 2.6.10 vs VALUES in 2.7)?

Thank you,


asked 11 Apr '13, 10:34

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Marek Šurek
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Hi Marek,

There are significant API changes between Sesame 2.6 and Sesame 2.7, so it is not advisable to try to run OWLIM 5.3 with Sesame 2.7.

However, shortly after Sesame 2.7 is released, Ontotext intend to release a new version of OWLIM (probably called 5.4) that will be bundled with this new version of Sesame.

I hope this helps, barry


answered 11 Apr '13, 17:39

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