I posted another forum question here - http://answers.ontotext.com/questions/1181/getting-inferred-triples-from-default-related-to-triples-in-a-named-graph about getting inferred triples from the default context where a mapping ontology relates them to triples in a named graph. No takers and I am doubting it is even possible. The query I got closest to working also takes 24 seconds to run on a i7 quad cPU equipped Macbook Pro, too slow.

So maybe I need a different approach. Here is an example of what I have in RDF for a particular case:

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <!DOCTYPE rdf:RDF [
    <!ENTITY oc1 "http://s.opencalais.com/1/" >
   <!-- http://fashiontology.org/ontology-product.owl#Product -->
    <rdf:Description rdf:about="&ontology-product;Product">
        <owl:equivalentClass rdf:resource="&oc1;type/em/e/Product"/>
    <!-- http://s.opencalais.com/1/type/em/e/Product -->
    <rdf:Description rdf:about="&oc1;type/em/e/Product"/>

Currently I INSERT the triples from the opencalais ontology into a NAMED GRAPH which is temporary, I delete it later. All I need is to get those triples in the fashionontology that map through the mapping ontology expressed in RDF above. I have tried FILTER and exists, but my SPARQL skills are stretched beyond this. Any suggestions?



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Not entirely sure to what exactly you are trying to achieve ...

Are you just trying to find out which new inferred triples are actually derived when you add those mappings within a specified context? If it is the case - then one possible solution is to get all the inferred triples BEFORE adding the mappings and then do the same AFTER adding the mappings - the items not found in the first result set should be exactly what you are looking after.

If I somehow misinterpret your question - could you elaborate a bit more and sketch what you are after with some sample data and an expected result.


answered 05 Sep '13, 04:39

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Damyan Ognyanov ♦♦
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The mapping ontology is always present and not added. The triples from the opencalais service are added and my desire is to find all equivalent fashiontology triples. Equivalence is determined by the mapping ontology. I thought that owlim would infer those fashiontology triple using the mapping ontology. I am open to any solution that allows performant retrieval of fashiontology triples that are equivalent to opencalais triples, i.e. if there is a way of getting them without a mapping ontology using equivalentClass then that is fine. Note I also need to retrieve other non mapped triples from those opencalais triples I insert into a named graph at the same time as I retrieve the mapped fashiontology triples. I hope this clarifies the question. If not let me know.




answered 05 Sep '13, 04:52

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handled offline


answered 24 Sep '13, 04:50

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