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I would like to use full-text search on linkedlifedata.com via SPARQL. I found the question Full text search in FactForge and tried the same approach, but couldn't get it to work. Is anything like this possible on linkedlifedata.com?


asked 20 Sep '13, 15:04

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Patrick Hoefler
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A new index was built. It processed all 1'553'620'638 entities. To query the index use queries like:

PREFIX luc: http://www.ontotext.com/owlim/lucene# SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s luc:lldLiterals "test" . }

where "test" can be replaced by any valid Lucene query [1]. Note that if you use the field modifier no results will be returned.

[1] http://lucene.apache.org/core/2_9_4/queryparsersyntax.html


answered 24 Sep '13, 08:51

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Works like a charm! Thanks a lot! :)

(24 Sep '13, 12:07) Patrick Hoefler


LLD offers an entity constrained full-text search over the data (see http://linkedlifedata.com/search). The search gives you concept or full-text entity retrieval after you specify the entity type first.

Currently, the OWLIM integrated fulltext index is disabled because the existence of an external one. There is no technical limitation to build this index, so we can enable it if you really need to combine full-text queries with SPARQL.


answered 23 Sep '13, 04:36

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vassil_momtchev ♦
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Vassil, thanks for your quick reply! If you could enable the full-text index on LLD, that would be amazing! I'm currently working on a tool that facilitates access to Linked Data for non-expert users, and this tool relies on a working full-text index. If you could help me in this regard, it would be very much appreciated :)

(23 Sep '13, 04:59) Patrick Hoefler
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