In my graph I have the following assertions

@prefix : . @prefix foaf: .
@prefix rdf: .

:joesmith a foaf:Person ; foaf:givenname "Joe" ; foaf:family_name "Smith" ; foaf:homepage ; foaf:mbox .

I loaded the graph in GraphDB.

If I point the GraphDB's Visual Graph to :joesmith, I would like to see all the triples but I can see only the connection

:joesmith foaf:mbox

foaf:givenname and foaf:family_name are not shown in the graph but they are in node details tab, and it's ok.

Instead the node is not connected to :joesmith. It seems pretty wired, since there is an explicit assertion belonging to :joesmith

Why cannot I see all the assertions?

asked 13 Jul, 18:04

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If is an IRI please enclose it in '<' and '>', if it is a literal, use quotes around, e.g. <> or ""


answered 22 Aug, 02:39

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Damyan Ognyanov ♦♦
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edited 24 Aug, 04:01

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