Hi guys, I am using GraphDB 8.2 and I have a repo with the following statements

data1:I10.0.3.1           net:ipv4     ""
data1:ROSPFID10.0.3.1     net:ipv4     ""

I am trying to load a simple rule file "myfile.pie" with sys:addRuleset. The file is as follows

    owl : http://www.w3.org/2002/07/owl#
    net : http://encaby.dsto.defence.gov.au/ont/net#
Id: same_interface
  x1 <net:ipv4> y
  x2 <net:ipv4> y [Constraint x1 != x2]
  x1 <owl:sameAs> x2

Basically, the rule says "if two interfaces have the same IP address then they are the same interface

After running addRuleset, the result is "No statements added or removed. Update took 0.7s, today at ....."

However, if I run a SPARQL query like the following, I got the expected results

SELECT ?x1 ?x2 
    ?x1  net:ipv4 ?y .
    ?x2  net:ipv4 ?y .
    FILTER(?x1 != ?x2) .

My rule and my SPARQL query look identical, why my rule does not produce any statements?

Thank you

Best Regards

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Hi, adding a ruleset does not make it 'default' so it is not used unless selected with sys:defaultRuleset predicate (you may add that within the same update through which you added the custom ruleset content.

Note, that even set to default it will not automatically recompute against the existing data, it will be used to the subsequent updates. You need to trigger recompute of the closure manualy using :reinfer system predicate, e.g. execute an update like:

INSERT DATA { [] http://www.ontotext.com/owlim/system#reinfer [] }

the easier way to achieve the same inference is to use a ruleset that already has support for owl:InverseFunctionalProperty and make your net:ipv4 predicate member of it (relate it with rdf:type to the owl:InverseFunctionalProperty class. For instance, "owl-horst" ruleset support such inference.

The answers.ontotext.com board is not monitored reguarily. If you like quicker recponse and wider audience, please use stackexchange with tags 'graphdb' ...

HTH, Damyan


answered 22 Aug, 02:35

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